By Joe Beyer

Freedom Isn’t Free Wraps Up

For the longest time, this window made no progress.  The crush of deadlines was so great that we needed Jason Hettel to be about other things.  We have never missed a deadline for a new Church dedication and, we simply … Continue reading

Damage in the Guise of Repair.

I decided to feature one of our current projects here because it it both typical and atypical of the stained glass rescue and relocation that we perform many times every year.  My good friend and prominent Architect of contemporary Catholic Churches, … Continue reading

Freedom Isn’t Free Window Progress

Jason Hettel has been working continually on this project and making steady progress.  He has just finished the medallions representing the six branches of service.  I believe that these medallions are so complex that they together amount to greater then … Continue reading

Freedom Isn’t Free begins

Freedom Isn’t Free This ensemble of three windows will appear on an interior wall separating the Chapel from an adjacent hallway at the Southeastern Pennsylvania Veterans Center.  I created the design last spring and it took some months for the … Continue reading

Cathedral of the Holy Name of Jesus, Raleigh

It is official!  Our Studio has landed a very prestigious project of a new Cathedral in Raleigh North Carolina.  Bishop Burbidge and the various Cathedral Committee Members, have chosen to relocate a great collection of stained glass windows from Philadelphia.  … Continue reading


New window for Our Lady of the Mountains, in Jasper Georgia

Design by Joseph Beyer
for the Altar windows at
Our Lady of the Mountians Church
Jasper, Georgia

New Blog for Cathedral of the Holy Name...

The Cathedral of the Holy Name of Jesus is a new cathedral being built in Raleigh, NC. The new blog will feature posts from us documenting the restoration process as well as background information on the windows. Read it here.

Stained Glass Windows Available for Purchase...

The Sacred Window Rescue Project aims to find permanent homes for disused antique and historical stained glass. The new website features an extensive catalog of windows in a variety of styles.

New Window...

Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Church Elysburg, PA
Design and Painted September 2013

Justin Tyner's Stained Glass Kaleidoscope

Justin Tyner, glass artist and craftsman at the Beyer Studio, recently unveiled his newest creation at a Philadelphia Art in the Open event: a giant stained glass kaleidoscope with a 44 inch spinning rose window made from recycled broken bottle bottoms and historic stained glass remnants.

New Window...

High Street United Methodist Church Franklin, VA
Design and Painted October 2011

Stained Glass Available for Private Homes...

For the first time, we are reproducing stained glass for private home use. For years we have been aware of the frustration of collectors who desire to own these rare works. We are pleased to introduce the first piece of a series, reproducing for the public the quality of skill and material normally reserved for churches.

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Joe's Interview at The Diocese of Raleigh

Washington Memorial Chapel in Valley Forge Stained Glass Restoration pt1

Washington Memorial Chapel in Valley Forge Stained Glass Restoration pt2

Washington Memorial Chapel in Valley Forge Stained Glass Removal

How Painted Stained Glass is Made