Freedom Isn’t Free Wraps Up

For the longest time, this window made no progress.  The crush of deadlines was so great that we needed Jason Hettel to be about other things.  We have never missed a deadline for a new Church dedication and, we simply had to drop everything and get caught up with Saint Joseph’s Church in Downingtown PA.  After a two-month long full-court press, we finally got caught up enough to allow the work on the windows for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Veterans Center to resume.

Mellisa Seiling has returned to the five windows for the Vets Center Chapel and Jason picked up where he left off and is making the final preparations before installation next week.

Have a look a the following photos that will bring you up to date with his progress.

The section on the left was completed when this photo was taken but we elected to wait to fire the vitreous paint so Jason would have a side-by-side comparison between the left and middle sections.  I have described how the hundreds of pieces of glass are held fast to a sheet of plate glass with melted beeswax, applied in the corners with an eyedropper.

In this shot you can see the beeswax that secure the pieces of hand-cut glass to the large sheet of plate glass.  This beeswax technique has always been used as a way to see and paint on all the many pieces of glass together, before they are assembled.  Here Jason modulates the painted matte over top of the dedication inscription.

This is how the pieces look just before they are fired.  This is the smaller of our two kilns.

A close-up of a figure.  I had my doubts about painting this window with air brush but Jason convinced me he could make it work.  What do you think?

We like to let everyone follow through on projects, staying with them from start to finish.  Jason began the assembly, working his way up, incorporating the circular medallions documented in an earlier posting. Here is one of the three all together.  Assembling this would take a professional about one full day.

Here is a close-up of hes start on this section.  All the lead in this window is 1/4″ wide.  We use 1/2″ lead for all the perimeters.


Here is one of the three assembled  and ready to install.  The next posting will feature photos of the installation of this window.




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